How to Clean Bamboo Floors

Bamboo floors are unique forms of house interior design. It is famous nowadays and more people opt to consider bamboo floors as they are very inexpensive and are available in different parts of the globe. This has become one of the modern designs in the arena of house design and furniture. It has been one of the most desirable home furniture from the old times up to contemporary society. Furthermore, bamboo furniture is naturally friendly to the eco system. There are also different colors to choose from light brown to deep hazel brown. After having bamboo flooring, you would definitely want to keep their innate beauty free from debris and scratch. It takes several steps to properly maintain the natural beauty of a bamboo floor.

The following are the steps in cleaning a bamboo floor.

  • Clean the entire room with the use of a broom. You have to ensure that you properly remove all dust particles and dirt present. Dispose the dirt by using a dust pan and place it in a garbage can.
  • After ensuring that the floor is totally dust and dirt free, get your bucket and start to mix a solution. Add water into the container and pour desired amount of light cleaner. Mix them thoroughly. Make sure that you have read the manufacturer’s guide in using the wood cleanser. Light solutions are ideal for bamboo floor. Avoid strong chemicals or strong bleach solutions.
  • Get your mop and dip it into the bucket of water with a wood cleanser. Squeeze your mop properly and start mopping the bamboo floor. Avoid water spills into the bamboo floor. Be careful not to slip.
  • Mop the entire floor starting from one side working all the way to the other side (from left side to right side). Use an upward and downward motion.
  • In cases where in food residue is left into the floor, simply swipe it using a soft cloth wet with water. The cloth should be squeezed properly before applying it on the floor.

Bamboos are cheap and are easy to maintain. Simple everyday cleaning should be done by using a broom and a dust pan. Avoid using strong chemicals in cleaning bamboo flooring. Harsh chemicals may permanently damage the floor. Also, when buying a wood cleaner solution, read the instructions first especially with the desired amount to be used. Clean your bamboo floor once or twice a week for proper maintenance. For more deep clean house service, contact any professional cleaning service providers.


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